Badfinger Origin

Badfinger started out as "The Iveys" in the 1960's. The original line up composed of Pete Ham(lead guitar), Mike Gibbons(drummer), Ron Griffiths(bass guitar), and David Jenkins(guitar). The band mainly covered black american music which caught the eye of Bill Collins who later volunteered to become the bands manager. Bill Collins later convinced Mal Evans(an influental man connected to the Beatles) to listen to the Iveys play and he was so impressed he introduced The Iveys to Apple Records which housed the Beatles. Not long after the Beatles helped sign The Iveys onto Apple Records. The first band able to achieve this feat. The Iveys later released their first single in 1968 called "Maybe Tomorrow". High hopes were raised however the single barely broke the top 100 music charts. Following this event, The Beatles helped The Iveys by changing their band name to Badfinger to help distinguish themselves and also gave Badfinger a new song composed by Paul McCartney called "Come and Get It". This single sent shockwaves through America and New England and Badfinger became popular following their performance of Come and Get It. Badfinger later released such notable hits as "No Matter What", "Baby Blue" and "Without You".